See the world through my eyes.


What I love about Photography

A picture can itensify one moment. And I like the idea that my pictures evoke certain feelings by looking at them. To me a perfect picture is the concentration of a situation, it transports the power of the moment. This is why I seldom arrange things but just let them happen – and when I am lucky, I am fast enough to catch the moment.

My strongest interest in photo-graphy are humans. I am curious about almost every human being and I love the variety and the beauty you can find amongst people.

Shooting bands on stage is something i really enjoy too as these musicians are so much into what they are doing, that they don´t seem to care about the photographer. There is nothing better – it is almost like wearing a magic cap.


How I ended up taking Photos

I always loved to take pictures but it was more a coincidence that I started to take it more seriously. In 2010 the german Band »Die Toten Hosen« asked me to take pictures for the upcoming tour through parts of central asia. 

It was a great experience and from that time on I started to put more effort in the right picture.

Everyone sees the world through different eyes. I want to share my point of view and hope you like it.

Taking photos is not everything

I studied Visual Communication and work as a freelance grafic designer since 2001.

In 2009 I founded the nonprofit association Mentor e.V. in Düsseldorf

In 2011 to 2014 it was a weekly pleasure for me to do a floating flower island for the center of the welcoming table in beloved Tokio. Miss you!

floating flower islands